Have you ever considered why a woman can never have too many tote bags?
Well, apparently the tote bags are the most versatile bag a woman will ever own. 

There are hundreds of reasons to own a cotton tote bag and today we want to give you 4 factors why you can’t miss out on them:

1.Eco Canvas Tote Bags

At Paintnest we have introduced a new 100% Natural Raw Cotton Tote Bags.
Material is essential and our first concern is to avoid plastic or any other non-eco-sustainable materials.
Do you know how long does it take for plastic bags to decompose?
Well, it can take up to 1,000 years!
And again, do you know how many animals die each year from ingesting plastic?
Sadly, over millions between birds and sea creatures. 🙁

We all should take care of our mother Earth.
Canvas tote bags are definitely eco-friendly.
They are easy to wash and sturdy so you can use them to carry heavy stuff even for a long period of time.


2. A Design Tote Bag for Every Place

Women prefer different bags for different purposes.

Let’s break it down. A woman can own countless bags but how many you can stock in your wardrobe? You might not agree, but let’s be honest, design cotton tote bags can solve this issue easily.
You can store them easily, and even more importantly you can have countless bags for several purposes.
Depending on the occasion you can choose your favorite hand embroidery tote bag or a cute rabbit printed tote bag which better fits your needs.
Tote bags are not only functional but also very fashionable and stylish.
You can carry them anywhere you wish to. 


3.Spacius Organic Totes

How many times have you been thinking about the best and reliable bag?
A Sweet Design Canvas Tote will always be appreciated, especially if functional and spacious.
In any case the size definitely matters.
Organic tote bags are roomy, strong and durable.
They can  hold loads of useful stuff for any purpose at any time.
Wherever you are going to gym, going to the school, going to work or going on a trip you can definitely throw in all the stuff you need and be relaxed.
Canvas tote bags are your best friend, they will always be there for you and be ready to fit right in for any need.
Totes are very versatile and you can always rely on them!


4. Tote Bags are the Best Gifts

Canvas totes are highly customisable which make them a very good choice for a personalized gift. Sometimes making a gift might be stressful due to a small range of choice and a limited budget.
A Tote Bag as a gift gives the solution to this problem because they are not expensive and they look great with any outfit.
Whatever the receiver of the gift is an animal lover, pet lover or simply appreciate handmade crafts and unique design you can have a very large selection of choice.
At Paintnest, we can help you to select your favourite one from a large collection of hand drawn design.
Is she/he a watercolor design lover?
Super! Have a look at this beautiful Watercolor Fox Tote Bag.
Or she/he loves dogs?
No worries, we suggest you this cute Dogs Portrait Canvas Tote Bag.
Is it for her or for him?
Spot on! Here a sweet Couple Koala Cotton Tote Bag.
And more and more…..you can find your favourite one here.

We are sure you will love it!